Posted on July 5, 2023 by Narendra Jha


I am Narendra Jha, an Enterprise Database Architect with 15+ Years of proven experience in Design, Development & Administration of Mission critical Enterprise Databases on MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Neo4J, PostgreSQL, Big Data, Greenplum, PowerShell, etc. hosted On-premise/ AWS/Azure Cloud across domains like BFSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, ERP/CRM.

Passionate to learn, explore and mentor new Technologies, Actively shares and contribute to Tech communities authoring various articles, blogging on Top tech sites and on WWW.SQLFORALL.COM which is a go-to platform for all willing to learn, grow and succeed in Enterprise IT Career.

Founded SQLFORALL.COM as a holistic go-to platform for anyone & everyone who are willing to learn, grow and succeed in Enterprise IT Career. The site caters with a wide learnings on various Database Technologies and all major IT tools and domains of Software development, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, supported with lots of real time articles, videos, Q&As, troubleshooting tips, live demos, downloads, etc.

“Real Knowledge is to know the extent of One’s Ignorance”

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