I am Narendra Jha, an Enterprise Database Architect with 15+ Years of proven experience in Design, Development & Administration of Mission critical Enterprise Databases on MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Neo4J, PostgreSQL, Big Data, Greenplum, PowerShell, Windows, Linux, etc. hosted On-premise/ AWS/Azure Cloud across domains like BFSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, ERP/CRM.

Passionate to learn, explore and loves mentoring people on new Technologies, Actively shares and contributes to Tech communities, authoring various articles, blogging on Top tech sites and on WWW.SQLFORALL.COM which is a go-to platform for all who are willing to learn, grow and succeed in an IT Career.

Founded SQLFORALL.COM as a holistic go-to platform for anyone & everyone willing to learn, grow and succeed in IT Career. This site caters with a wide learnings on various IT Technologies including all the major IT tools and domains of Software development, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, supported with lots of real time articles, videos, Q&As, troubleshooting tips, live demos, downloads, etc.

“Real Knowledge is to know the extent of One’s Ignorance”

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